Interior design

I am an Interior stylist and decorator with a passion for contrasts and an eye for seeing possibilities in the impossible.
I have always looked at things from a creative point of view and for as long as I can   remember, I have used creativity as a tool to express myself.

When I was only 6 years old, I took the family’s towels and sewed dresses for all the kids in the neighborhood  and painted our new piano in a Picasso inspired pattern.
I also refurnished our home almost everyday as soon as my parents turned their backs, and although I remembered my mom’s sometimes terrified gaze, she never became angry with me, or tried to stopped me.

I have done courses within the textile area , lighting concept, painting, crafts, pottery,sewing, weaving, knitting, crochet, feng shui. You name it, I have done it! But most knowledge I’ve gained out of my curiosity and fearlessness from experimenting with my creativity.

I like to think outside the box, play around and use words, small messages and pictures to enhance a feeling.
I have worked as a decorator,visual merchandiser, retail & store concept developer,interior designer and with home styling in north and eastern Europe. Now I am a freelancer with my base in Barcelona, Spain.

I am a big fan of the color white, since I believe that the the room should be formed after the person and not the person after the room. It is also important to add accent colors and nice & unexpected details which the eye sometimes can’t see, but your body and soul feels it. To mix new trends with old traditions is my biggest asset.
I also like to take care of discarded furniture and give them new life. Not only from an interior point of view, but also to help nature by recycling!
Another important tool that many surprisingly skip, is function! To skip this step, is like making a sandwich without the bread.
Other important tools are lightning, color scale and materials. 

Vision: To create a harmonious atmosphere that promotes the client's wishes, so that they (and their customers) can develop in the best way and reach the desired goal.

Ambition: To offer an inspiring complete personal environment where body and soul feel good. This led in time to increased productivity and higher (job) satisfaction where each individual delivers the best.

Products: I offer my skills and knowledge to create the surroundings customer wants, hands-on or through suggestions, tips, ideas and mood boards. And although sales of various interior things / details.

Feel free to contact me for more information.


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