spiritual philosophy

My reflections and thoughts about spirituality,yoga, meditation, tarot and much more.

Now when we enter the  Age of Aquarian, the spiritual thoughts become more and more important to us. Certainly, many will have a new interest in developing themselves and learn more on this subject.

The image I have is the following: Try to visualize this …
” Imagine our globe, against a pitch-black background. and for each person that discover their spiritual side, you can compare it with that  a new candle is lit, the more light, the brighter the globe, the more loving thoughts and actions, the brighter the image, and the heavy dark negative energies lose their power and gets forced away”

That’s what I hope the new Age of Aquarius will bring! No matter what way you choose to bring light and knowledge to yourself.

Also that every person who finds his own inner peace, and who can give himself and his environment actions of love, then we will help the sharing of more positive energies.
We are responsible for what we spread to others, so to work with yourself on a spiritual level contributes to a better world. When we are spiritually strong, it gives us balance, and thus we can more easily manage all the tests and the problems that come to us in life.

Lots of light and love to all of you!


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