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   Flower Power!

Flowers are extremely useful in creating good feng shui. Everyone loves fresh flowers as they bring good vibes and great energy into the home. However good feng shui can quickly be transformed into bad energy, so please note the following:

  1. Rotting, wilting flowers - there is nothing worse! Fresh flowers should be thrown out as soon as they start to wilt, as the energy will quickly turn bad.

  2. Dried flowers are not okay...they represent yin energy. Anything dead or decaying creates an excess of negative yin energy.

  3. Flower power! Flowers and plants create yang energy which is why they are generally not suited for your bedroom. Placing flowers or plants in the bedroom makes it excessively yang. However they are most suitable for people that are sick and would be excellent in the bedroom since they bring precious yang energy to those suffering or recovering from an illness.

  4. Cactus plants usually contain deadly thorns and create bad energy when placed inside the home or office. Think of the thorns as tiny poison arrows that could create misfortune or loss. Instead move cactus plant outside where they can act as “protectors” and fend off negative sharp chi that may be attacking your home.

  5. Bonsai plants suggest stunted growth and are not good feng shui. Even though they can be quite beautiful in their miniature form, they signify blockage to growth...so they are particularly harmful to business feng shui! 

 Bamboo To Bring Good Fortune

Used in feng shui, bamboo plant has long been regarded as a symbol of longevity...but it is also a very powerful sign of good fortune. Even if you cannot put real bamboo in your home, put a painting of the bamboo in your house or office instead.  

The text is from #Lillian Too´s new letter. Pictures from Google


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