Bra & mindre bra färger för 2013

Ja, man kan tro vad man vill, men i det senaste nyhetsbrevet från Lillian Too, Feng Shui master nr 1, skrev hon följande:

Lucky and Unlucky Colour Combos for 2013!
Wow...I never expected all the emails I got regarding the article last week about lucky colours for 2013. It seems many of you are interested in this subject so I’ll continue this week with more information on various colour combinations since last week I wrote only about the meaning of individual colours.
In many cases two colours makes a stronger statement than just wearing or using either of them separately as a single colour. 

Green with black for example is always more auspicious than wearing either green or black on its own...and the same for gold and red despite the fact that fire and metal clash. 

Yellow and white together suggests wealth creation...but on their own they do not have this meaning. 

Finally green with red together signifies luck created through intelligence while each colour on its own signifies only its own luck.

The welcome sign at apple Headquarters.
These colors represent water replenishing green wood generating growth and good fortune
Green & Black: This is a lucky combination with water (black) replenishing the fast growing green wood. Here the powerful planet Jupiter is being nourished...which causes it to generate great good fortune. This colour combo is always auspicious and the meanings generated here are ones of good health and continuous victory.
The way to maximize this combination is to have two blocks of colour rather than mixing the two colours because once mixed the equation changes. In order to generate good fortune it is important to have both colours clearly visible.
This is an execellent combination for 2013. You can use it for your corporate logo or business cards or in design materials as the hidden message of this combination is excellent!

Green & Red: The hidden meaning of this combination is a forceful and prosperous creativity that leads to success! The green of wood is being used in a clever fuel the fire. But it is the brilliance of the Fire element that will bring success luck. In 2013 this is a good combination that favours young career people and students. Be sure to check out the color combination of my latest book Tung Sing 2013.

Yellow & Red: This is a stable combination that brings good activity favourable results and harmony. If you have a team at work or in a sport, then these are good colours to adopt.

Yellow & White: Another excellent colour combination that denotes the creation of wealth and successful transformation of resources into a sustainable business with good profits. The elements indicated here are earth-producing metal and these are best used in a grounding capacity. Thus they are great for a house or office colours (white walls with yellow highlights or metals of any kind) but not recommended for corporate logos.

The Elegant tuxedo - black and white signifying wealth and prosperity
Black & White: Is a good productive type combination with the water element (black), which signifies wealth luck being produced by the white of metal, which also signifies the creation of sustainable prosperity. Thus this is a wealth-creating combination also excellent for sports teams and corporate logos. It also signifies the unity of yin and yang.

Yellow, Blue and White: This brings wealth and is an excellent combination for those in business. You can use gold instead of yellow and black instead of blue to achieve the same effect. The elements here are earth producing metal producing water. Very auspicious!

Red, Yellow and White: creates harmony and peace. The elements here are fire producing earth and earth producing metal so ultimately this combination also brings wealth. But more importantly it brings stability and harmony.
Blue, Green and Red: This combination brings success, fame and recognition. It’s an excellent combination for those of you wanting to climb the career ladder. Here the elements are water producing wood producing fire. Again you can substitute black for blue and brown for green as well!

Green & Yellow: This connects earth (yellow) with the wood element (green), which is a single-sided combination. Here the dominant colour is green which soaks up everything the earth has to offer and causes yellow (earth) to lose its luster and brilliance...the light is reduced and resources may be reduced.
This is NOT a good colour combination when the two separate colours are placed next to each other but it is more neutral if they are mixed to create a lighter shade of green -more neutral.

Green & White: This is definitely not lucky. Here the elements are clashing in a destructive way with growth energy halted as metal destroys the energy of wood, which may bring disaster and even violence as well as susceptibility to illness.
Red & White: This combination denotes war as the fire of red devours the white of metal. Don’t use this combo unless you make the white so prominent that it renders the red harmless.

Earth and water - A destructive combination

Red & Black: Not good either. This signifies the presence of Fire and Water - two opposing elements with black destroying the red and in fact these two elements become aggressive when paired with each other. This combo brings discord and problems.

Yellow & Black: The represents the elements of Earth with Water - another destructive combination. The insects and animal worlds are full of examples that are potentially harmful to humans. Think of stinging insects like bees or animals like the tiger. You will also recognize that these colours are used on many road signs as warning signs of danger. On the other a protective colour scheme this works creating a natural shield against those that might harm you...hence the popularity of tiger amulets!
Please pay close attention to the colour combinations you use in 2013...including what you choose to wear each day, decorations in your home, corporate logos and team colours. It really can make a difference!

Jag tyckte detta var riktigt intressant, och som sagt vitt & svart är absolut mitt naturliga val, så jag ser fram emot ett rikt år ;)

Lillian Too nämde även i samma nyhetsbrev att det är lyckosamt att ha någon form av vatten utanför sin ytterdörr, så har du möjlighet att ha ett fågelbad eller annat  med vatten utanför så drar det till sig rikedom ;) kan vara värt att testa. Du som redan har en Pool eller damm utanför din framsida av huset: -Lucky you!!!! Vi som inte har den möjlighten, tror mina grannar skulle se mig som en konstig invandrare som har ett fågelbad placerat INNE i trappuppgången, så kan vi faktiskt ha någon form av dörrprydnad i metall istället.

Önskar er alla ett rikt 2013


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