förvaringslösningar i kök

Det har  under en längre tid blivit mer och mer vanligt att man väljer att ha öppna kök, och då menar jag att man plockar ner kökskåp etc och använder hyllor istället.

Jag har hittat en del fina bilder som har lite olika stilar, helt klart fint och inspirerande.

Men vad man behöver tänka på när man låter sig inspireras av dessa vackra kök, är att de har stylats, varje pinal är på rätt plats, och man bör fråga sig själv, kan jag hålla denna ordningen hela tiden?

Hur kommer mitt kök se ut om 6 månader?

Läs Karen Kingstones artikel om just det:, Karen är en av värdens mest omtalade, och har stor kunskap inom,   Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing och Feng Shui.

storage solutions

I’ve been pondering why on earth so many people have adopted the new fashion for open style storage. It makes most homes look far more cluttered than they really are, it creates more cleaning, and it exposes everything to much more wear and tear.
Designer homes featured in trendy magazines have no doubt played their part, but there must be something more, and I think I’ve finally figured it out. The simple fact, when you do the maths, is that open style storage is much more affordable because it doesn’t include the cost of DOORS!
But my question is: Is the saving worth it?
If you are super neat, love dusting, and don’t own much stuff, then it’s probably fine. But if you have a fair number of possessions, and especially if you have a busy life and don’t have time to lovingly arrange everything to look ‘just so’ or spend hours each week cleaning, then it’s not such a good idea.
In terms of feng shui, the difference between closed and open style storage is huge. With closed storage, energy flows more smoothly around your home, causing you to experience a corresponding ease and smoothness in your life too. With open style storage, the objects on each shelf present an obstacle that slows energy down, and if things are untidy or disorganized, the effect is even worse. It can make everything you try to do in life be much harder work than it need be.
I’ve noticed that open storage seems to especially appeal to people who have clutter, and also perfectionists, who fear that out of sight is out of mind. Clutter doesn’t melt away just because you store it in cupboards with doors, but it does improve the energy flow of a space so dramatically that the clients who invest in this solution all tell me how much better their lives work afterwards. They also report there’s a lot less dusting to do!
Let’s be clear here. I’m not recommending you just throw clutter into cupboards or wardrobes (cabinets or closets, if you’re American) and close the doors and that’s the end of the matter. If you have clutter, there is still sorting, clearing and tidying to do. But many people find it so much easier to do this if the energy in their home flows smoothly to begin with.
There’s scientific evidence to back this up, too. In a study titled Interactions of top-down and bottom-up mechanisms in human visual cortex, researchers at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute measured how much visual clutter can affect a person’s ability to focus. It didn’t surprise me at all that they discovered people are more productive and generally function better when the distractions of visual clutter are removed.


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